Daniil Trifonov

Daniil Trifonov

Classical Post is a new media platform highlighting notable classical musicians and presenters, known and unknown.

Traditional media is cutting back on classical music coverage and we're filling the gap by providing excellent coverage, not criticism, on the industry.


  • Providing compelling, insightful commentary on classical musicians and organizations that present classical music.


  • Classical musicians and organizations desperately want to share their incredible work to the world. The media landscape has drastically changed over recent years. Coverage has shrunk to record lows. There is opportunity to re-examine the model for classical coverage. 
  • We want to inform readers of performances/projects/recordings that are noteworthy. They might be produced by well-known musicians or presented at recognizable organizations. And, they might also be delivered by lesser-known musicians/organizations, yet should be given the limelight for their creativity and contribution to the classical music world. 
  • Classical Post wants to fix this problem of low media coverage for classical musicians and organizations and showcase performances/projects/recordings of all in the classical music industry that are noteworthy or simply fascinating/creative.
 Joyce DiDonato \ Credit: Simon Pauly

Joyce DiDonato \ Credit: Simon Pauly


  • Readers learn about new projects, performances, curations, series, recordings, collaborations, and partnerships that often get missed in the press (both traditional media and classical music-centric media) due to the downsizing of classical media.
  • Readers consume quality articles about both household names and lesser-known musicians/organizations.

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