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[CONCERT REVIEW] Polish countertenor Jakub Józef Orliński Sings With Grace And Charm

The Baroque period was a time of extraordinary innovation. Polish countertenor Jakub Józef Orliński is adding a whole new dimension to this old music to make it sound so new. The singer showcased his talents on January 31 at Carnegie Hall.

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Soprano Leah Crocetto Draws From Life, Releases Emotion With Powerful Voice

It’s impossible to be a good artist and not to draw from life. Every time American soprano Leah Crocetto performs, there is an aspect of herself in the performance.

“I don’t necessarily think it’s ‘method acting’ a la Stanislavsky, but rather it’s just a part of it. I am who and what I am, and that bleeds into every performance,” she said.

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SANSARA Artistic Director Tom Herring Experiments With Musical Flavors

SANSARA Artistic Director Tom Herring is struck by the similarities of cooking and music-making, especially when it comes to directing or conducting an ensemble. The need for experimentation and occasional disaster is important in both. Tom isn’t that great at following recipes, with the inevitable veering off course that comes with interesting consequences.

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Baritone Benjamin Appl Wows With War Requiem, Lieder recitals

Despite the stresses and demands of his life as a professional singer, German baritone Benjamin Appl said he would not change anything, recognizing it is a privilege to live this life. “Sometimes I have asked myself if there is anyone in this world with whom I would like to swap lives, and I can always truly say that I am most happy where I am, and there is no one with whom I would want to exchange lives.”

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