Cleveland Orchestra Releases Economic Study with Impressive Influence Across NE Ohio

The Cleveland Orchestra / Photo credit: Roger Mastroianni

The Cleveland Orchestra / Photo credit: Roger Mastroianni

The Orchestra’s Financial Impact Throughout Region Exceeds $135 Million Annually

In a recently released economic study, The Cleveland Orchestra received promising news about its influence throughout the northeast region of Ohio. According to the economic study—which concentrated its research and data specifically on  The Cleveland Orchestra’s influence across this region—the orchestra’s financial impact within this region was substantial. 

The impressive results showcase that The Cleveland Orchestra’s influence across Northeast Ohio annually exceeds $135 million. Further, the activities at the Severance Hall and Blossom Music Center—both supported by The Cleveland Orchestra—created almost 1,300 jobs that were directly responsible for an annual income of over $60 million. 

The study, commissioned by The Cleveland Orchestra, was carried out by research firm Kleinhenz & Associates and Case Western Reserve University. The research study was designed to closely analyze and examine the economic and social impact that The Cleveland Orchestra had on the local, regional areas that the ensemble considers their home turf. 

The purpose of the study? According to a press notice released by The Cleveland Orchestra in late September, the study was driven by an endless commitment to enriching the lives of local residents by creating “extraordinary musical experiences at the highest level.” Further, the study was designed to “foster a culture of excellence, integrity, and artistic innovation.” 

Conducted in the Orchestra’s fiscal year of 2017-2018, the study focuses on a multitude of factors, including programs and performances held at Severance Hall as well as Blossom Music Center. It’s important to note the study conducted took both classical programming by the Orchestra and the rock shows presented by Live Nation into account. 

The resulting data points were concluded by looking at all seven counties in the NE Ohio region. 

“The Cleveland Orchestra provides terrific value to the people of Northeast Ohio and is an invaluable asset in helping our company recruit the best talent from around the nation,” said Richard K. Smucker, Chair of The Cleveland Orchestra and Executive Chairman of The J.M. Smucker Company in the recently released press notice announcing the results of the economic study. 

“The Cleveland Orchestra is also the only art form from this region that travels the globe every year, and as such it performs an important role as an ambassador for the city. By carrying the name of Cleveland in this way, the Orchestra provides many of our region’s companies with exciting connections to new international business possibilities.”

It's no surprise to anyone who’s associated with the Orchestra—whether part of the ensemble or a business partner—that it remains an integral part of the community, a thread seamlessly woven through the economic, social, and cultural fabric of the NE region of Ohio. 

The breakdown of the study that confirmed the Orchestra was responsible for $135.4 million in spending across the region reported that about $116 million of that total comes from the operations while $19.4 million comes from visitors to the region. Severance Hall, considered the home of The Cleveland Orchestra, generates about $99.5 million in economic activity within the county—visitors generate about $15.3 million of this total while the Orchestra generates about $84.2 million in spending from its operating expenditures. I

To learn more about The Cleveland Orchestra, this study, and glean information about tickets, visit The Cleveland Orchestra website.

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