New Concert Series From The Graduate Center of the University of New York & The Copland House to Launch This Fall in New York

The Graduate Center

The Graduate Center of The University of New York and Copland House Will Launch New Concert Series in November  

The musical past and future of America will collide in a “provocative” new concert series launching this fall from The Graduate Center of The University of New York and Copland House.

In a six-concert series that ranges widely in broad cultural, historical, and societal currents, the overarching theme will champion a century of America’s vibrant musical legacy. Attendees can expect an even broader range of compositions, dating from early 20th century masters and beyond. Further, there will even be an evening of major chamber works by Aron Copland to musical explorations “inspired by identity and assimilation, spiritual journeys, and the intersection of visual art and music.”

Although a broad range of music, concepts, and ideas will be portrayed throughout this concert series, the programs are, overall, aiming to showcase the American musical creativity and innovation. 

The six-concert series will begin on November 4, 2019, and extend through June 15, 2020—all events are set to take place on Monday evenings at 7:30 PM at The Graduate Center’s Baisley Powell Elebash Recital Hall, 365 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. 

The programs are set to last an hour least (sans intermission), and each is expected to be followed by a meet-the-artists reception. 

Additionally, every concert will be recorded live by CUNY-TV for subsequent telecast to an estimated viewership of over 7-million households in metro New York. 

The series is highlighted by new compositions commissioned by the Copland House from Sebastian Currier and Graduate Center Professor John Musto. Further—yet another spotlight for the series—the first New York performances of works by Kevin Puts, Pierre Jalbert, Flannery Cunningham, and Angel Lam will occur. But there are even more highlights—the series marks the world premieres of six commissioned pieces by the 2020 Fellows of Copland House’s acclaimed CULTIVATE emerging composers institute. 

"Music opens doors and is an essential instrument for education," said Brian A. Peterson, Interim Vice President of Administration and Finance and the Dean for Academic Initiatives and Strategic Innovation at The Graduate Center.

“The arts provide an important catalyst for learning, creativity, and achievement in our communities. This new partnership with Copland House will engage our students and inspire audiences to discover surprising possibilities through these artists performing thrilling works from across America’s vast and vibrant musical spectrum.”

Each of the concerts in the series will feature music from Copland House Ensemble (MCH), which has been, in the past, hailed by The New Yorker as “bold,” “adventurous,” and “superb.”

"I’ve played with and written for the excellent musicians of Music from Copland House, and we welcome them enthusiastically,” said composer-pianist John Musto, Coordinator of The Graduate Center’s D.M.A. Performance Program in the recent news release.

“It is a privilege to host them here at The Graduate Center in the ensemble’s own series, and we are especially fortunate that they will periodically share the stage with some of the gifted young performers in our D.M.A. program.”

Ticket prices for the concerts will vary and special subscription prices will be available.

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