[CONCERT REVIEW] Georgian Pianist Natalia Kazaryan’s Passion For the Music By Women Composers

Music-loving Portlanders filled the pews at The Old Church Concert Hall for a noontime recital of riveting piano playing by young Georgian pianist Natalia Kazaryan. She dedicated her recital to the solo piano works of women composers, and credits these women – especially Clara Schumann, the first female concert pianist – with making her career possible and serving as great inspiration in her work as a pianist.

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Concert ReviewMeg Cotner
6 Classical Music Concerts This Week: New York

Why should you scramble to find premium, classical music concerts in a city overflowing with classical music culture, talented performers, and infinite venues and symphony halls? We don’t think you should have to. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the must-attend classical music concerts happening this week in New York! 

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